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Hello and welcome.

As a youngster, I often gravitated towards art and creating. I got my hands dirty with pencils, pastels, paint, and clay.

But, as I got older (and more jaded), life became more about the practical skills and technology: the things needed to be able to make a living. Don't get me wrong, I love my day professional career, and am extremely grateful for the stability it gives me in life. I also, to be honest, love nerding out about technology. But I need to give my younger some space to breathe and create in the here and now.

I take comfort in knowing, with the opening of Michael Grace & Co, that I now have a venue where I can express my creativity in a way that's purely visual and aesthetic in nature. It allows me to combine my love for technology and the digital space with my desire to get back to creating on a personal scale.

The carefully curated items I’m presenting are the product of my love for both abstract art and graphic design. I gravitate towards work that is playful yet sophisticated with vivid colors, sharp geometric forms, and strong line work. I love the contrast between sharp edges and expressive, organic brush strokes. Every element is carefully considered and composed.

Everything shared on Michael Grace & Co has been designed by yours truly, but I hope to add work from other creative friends in the future. So please stop by often, and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments.

Michael Grace, michael@michaelgrace.com

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